UK Abortion Group Targets Malta


A UK-based group that helps women get abortions abroad if they live in countries where abortion is restricted has announced that it will now target women in Malta and Gibraltar.


The Abortion Support Network said it would offer advice on the least expensive way to arrange abortion and travel, clinics that ASN worked with in several EU countries, and, if necessary, financial help towards the cost of travelling and paying privately to access a legal abortion.


Malta has the strictest abortion laws in the world, banning the practice under any circumstances, while the law in Gibraltar is also restrictive.


ASN said that in addition to practical and financial support for those travelling for abortions, it would also provide funding for women in Malta and Gibraltar who wanted a telephone consultation with UK abortion provider, BPAS. ASN’s founder Mara Clarke said “this Valentine’s Day, ASN is thrilled to spread the abortion-fund love to those living in Malta and Gibraltar.

Times of Malta. February 14.

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