Reports Suggest Soaring Abortion Numbers


A group of doctors involved in providing abortions has claimed that 800-900 abortions a month are being carried out in Ireland. If true, this would represent a huge rise in the number of Irish abortions since the new abortion law came into effect at the start of the year.


While there are no official figures as to the number of abortions which have taken place in Ireland since new abortion laws came into effect, the START group, which represents about 250 medical professionals involved in abortion provision, said its members estimate they are carrying out between 800-900 abortions a month.


RTÉ reports that Affidea, the private company providing ultrasounds as part of abortion services, has carried out around 500 since the start of the year.


The British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which runs more than 70 abortion facilities in the UK, claims the number of women with Irish addresses accessing abortions between January and March decreased from 257 last year to 64 this year, a reduction of 75 per cent.


800-900 abortions per month would result in over 11,000 abortions in one year, a threefold increase from the pre-referendum numbers.

Irish Examiner. May 10.

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