Online Abuse Threatens Livelihood of Celebrity


In Ireland, the celebrated Graham Linehan, the co-creator of the Father Ted series on RTÉ and much else, found himself ferociously attacked for his opinion on what passes for the trans ideology. His comments on Twitter where he has a huge following, were described as bigoted, transphobic and hate speech, and, when RTÉ announced that he would be one of 10 speakers in the TV discussion on transgender in January 2019, an online campaign erupted to have him removed from the programme.

He considers the upsurge of children wanting powerful drugs to change their “gender” as deeply disturbing, and the current proposal to allow “self-identification”, no matter how young they may be, as dangerous. He described the current gender ideology as “dangerous, incoherent nonsense”. Make no mistake. This man is on the radical left of politics and social issues, and proclaims he is an atheist and a full-on supporter of “abortion rights”, having been a prominent campaigner to repeal the 8th amendment. Yet, today, he is, in his own words, “one of the most loathed figures on the Internet”. His public events have been cancelled, he has been sued, warned by the police and
shunned by former friends.

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