Most Abortion Doctors Don't Want It Known


Just 126 of the 253 GPs who have signed up to provide chemical abortions are allowing their names to be released to women who ring up the HSE’s ‘My Options’ freephone line. Doctors who have signed up, but not allowed their names to be released, are likely providing abortions only to their own patients or accepting referrals from other GPs.


When the new abortion law came into force on January 1 there were 200 GPs involved and the number has since grown slowly.


According to the Health Service Executive, its freephone line received an average of 500 calls for the first two weeks, and this fell to 300 more recently. Around 10-15 per cent of the calls, it says, are from health professionals. The HSE said it gets an average of 50-60 calls a day.


Meanwhile, the nurses’ strike is leading to some abortions being postponed. Women who are near the 12-week time limit are being prioritised to ensure they do not fall outside the law.

Irish Independent. February 5.

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