March for Their Lives in Belfast, September 7


The unborn in Northern Ireland are threatened by abortion as never before. As you know, if the Northern Ireland Executive is not up and running by October 21, the Westminster parliament in London will introduce legislation for abortion up to 28 weeks or more in NI. This action will ignore the known will of the people and ride roughshod over the devolved government of the province. The rally will bring together Catholics and Protestants to demand that the both the DUP and Sinn Féin find a compromise over the issues that have caused the Executive to cease operating for over two years. One of the speakers will be Baroness O’Loan, the first Police Ombudsman and a notable defender of the right to life of the unborn child.

For buses, see:

To contact the organiser: Precious Life

PO Box 425



(028) 9027 8484. From RoI 048 9027 8484

March for Life, Custom House Square, Belfast, 2 pm, Saturday, September 7.

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