Make it Legal, then Make is Normal


First, there was abortion; now it’s euthanasia, or, as its supporters prefer, assisted dying. After the state of Victoria in Australia activated its new law this year, two other states are now moving to enact a similar law. The central purpose of advocates of these two practices is to make them an accepted part of healthcare, as abortion became in certain Marxist countries like Cuba and Russia. The principal obstacle to such cultural changes are doctors who refuse to perform them because they have nothing to do with healing and are contrary to medical ethics. These conscientious objectors can be worn down by forcing them to refer patients to another doctor, able and willing to abort or assist, in both instances killing a human being. Ireland’s pro-life doctors face the same problem as elsewhere. The Harris abortion law and now the Irish Medical Council demand obligatory referral, if a doctor is unwilling to perform an abortion. So much for freedom of conscience.

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