Join Aontú's Mairéad Tóibín in her DBS by-election canvas


This weekend will be the last weekend before the electorate in Dublin Bay South go to the polls. As we approach the last stretch of the campaign please do what you can to assist Aontú's Mairéad Tóibín. There are a number of canvassing slots so depending on your availability you can be accommodated. Also please encourage friends and family you have in the constituency to give Mairéad their number 1 vote. As we saw from the Abortion Annual report above the abortion figures are excessively high. It is important from a political point of view that we help our pro life candidates and pro life parties as best as we can. July 8th is the date that the Dublin Bay South by-election occurs. Please do what you can to join the campaign in the finals days. To do so call Aontu on 01 618 3564 or email

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