Irish Cinemas Now Showing Unplanned


This week, “UnPlanned” is being shown in 18 Omniplex cinemas North and South of the border—and four Multiplex cinemas in Dublin, including the IMC in Dun Laoghaire. Not surprisingly, the so-called pro-choice starlets are complaining, accusing the film of “dangerous myths and lies” all propaganda invented by pro- life from the backwoods of America. In the scene where the unborn child moves away from the abortionist’s suction tube, a leading campaigner for abortion on demand claimed it was impossible. “Biologically impossible”? Maybe she should watch the Silent Scream produced by a serious abortionist, Dr Nathanson. She then defends Planned Parenthood of America, asserting that abortions only account for three to four percent of its activities. This is accounting manipulation, even while ignoring that abortions are its main business, even to the extent of selling body parts of aborted babies for research.

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