Illinois Passes Laws to Secure Abortion


In March this year, the Illinois legislators of the state of Illinois passed a new Reproductive Health Act and the governor signed it into law in June. Described as “most extreme”, the new law removes any and every protection from the unborn child. The law now declares abortion is a “fundamental right”, allowing it through all nine months, even during birth, and permitting partial-birth abortion, previously banned, and ending the right of parents to be informed of a daughter’s intended abortion. For abortionists, the very state of being pregnant is enough to justify an abortion. The push to enact such extreme state laws is a defensive ploy of the abortion industry and its supporters, seeing that the Supreme Court in Washington now has a seeming pro-life majority. If the Roe v. Wade decision which legalised abortion nationwide is revoked, the law governing abortion will return to the individual states, so the so-called “red” states like New York, Illinois and California are busy working on passing a law to copperfasten “abortion rights”.

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