Ignoring the True Explanation


In contrast to the Cathedral School, the Jesuits refused his request, so Dr Thompson ordered them to remove the word “Catholic” from their name. The media in the form of the Huffington Post predictably declared, “Joshua Payne- Elliott, a social studies teacher, worked at Cathedral High School in Indianapolis for 13 years. He was fired for getting married.” Most secular outlets accused the Archbishop for targeting a teacher because of his homosexuality. The New York Times lectured the diocese for its persecution of LGBT persons. Fake news. Mr Payne-Elliott was sacked because his very public “union” was contrary to the duty of Catholic teachers, and a serious scandal to the students of the school. A Catholic teacher instructs verbally and by the example of his life; he is not merely an effective teachers of science or French, but also of the beauty of the following of Christ. The Jesuits, not for the first time, justified themselves by falling back on “discernment” and respect for individual conscience.

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