Hungary Rewards Families who have Three Babies


In a drive to change the dangerously-low birthrate of the country, currently at 1.3 children per woman, the Hungarian government of Viktor Orban announced a seven-point Family Protection Action Plan to support marriage and children. Most striking is the offer of €35,000 as an interest-free loan for newly wed couples, with the promise that the loan will be cancelled, should the couple have a third baby. The government correctly believes that part of the general unwillingness to have children is financial fear for the future, which this offer may be sufficient to address. Birthrate in England and Wales has Fallen to a Record Low In contrast the birthrate of England and Wales has fallen to 1.7 babies. Despite the substantial Muslim minority, the birthrate is well below the minimum for a balanced population. The reasons for the decline from 2.8 in 1965 are many. The birth control pill, increasing male infertiltiy, women’s necessary work outside the home, extended education, professional careers, and, usually omitted, free and accessible abortion.

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