EU Candidates Urged to Support Pro-Family Policies


The European Federation of Catholic Family Associations has launched an EU-wide campaign ahead of the European Elections in May.


The Vote for Family 2019 campaign is a joint effort by 26 Family Associations from 16 EU Member States. “The Manifesto which is presented today reflects the major concerns of European families,” states Vincenzo Bassi (Forum delle Famiglie, Italy), Vice-President of FAFCE. “Based on these concerns, we propose to all the candidates, from all political parties, food for thought to consider more family-responsive policies within the framework of the EU competences: our Continent is getting older and older, we need to respond to the demographic challenge with an European pact for natality”.


Candidates will be invited to sign the Vote for Family Manifesto and their names will be published on 15 May, the International Day of the Family. Every family in Europe is being invited to take part in the campaign.


Antoine Renard, FAFCE President, declared: “This is a campaign for all. And this is exactly in the spirit of our mission at the European level: FAFCE and its Members offer this campaign as a tool to raise awareness about the concrete needs of the families in our continent, which need a real demographic Spring”.


The Manifesto includes 10 points touching on areas of major concern for family associations in Europe during recent years. These include the EU’s rapidly advancing “demographic winter”, family-friendly economic policies, promotion of marriage, respect for human life, and recognition of the rights of parents in relation to their children’s education.

FAFCE. February 25. Vote for Family 2019. February 25.

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