Covid-19 and Pregnancy


Bad as the pandemic is, Covid-19 doesn’t seem to present a higher threat to mothers who are pregnant or to their unborn babies. Thanks to “”, there is a number of reasons for hope and confidence for mothers and their babies, even as the pandemic rages through our population.


  1. Pregnancy does not appear to place a woman at higher risk, should she be infected with Covid-19. Those at greater risk than the average person remain older adults, males more so, who already have an serious illness like heart disease, a breathing disorder or diabetes. 


  1. While Covid-19 is highly infectious from person to person, there is no evidence that a mother can pass it to her baby in the womb (which happens with certain other viral infections). The virus has not been found in the amniotic fluid, breast milk or newborn babies, even though the mothers had the disease during the pregnancy.


  1. There have been no recorded deaths of mothers, before, during or after birth.


  1. In China, a number of women contracted Covid-19 during their third trimester, but went on to deliver healthy babies.


  1. To date, no newborns have died from the viral disease.


  1. While a vaccine is still some months away, or maybe more, to becoming widely available, drug companies have developed various new treatments to help those suffering from it to recover.


  1. While babies seem safe, mothers should follow the guidelines to lessen the risk of catching the virus. Pregnancy does not give immunity.

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