Church of Norway Apologises for Pro-Life Past!


The Church of Norway, which opposed liberalisation of that country’s abortion law in the 1970’s has apologised for being pro-life in the past. The Lutheran denomination, which was once the established church, and of which 70 per cent of the population are nominally members said it had been wrong to oppose abortion because it “promotes women’s health, safety and security.”


“When the law of self-determined abortion was dealt with and adopted in the 1970s, the church was a clear opponent of the changes that were introduced,” the statement began. “Priests and others were strong and clear in their criticism of the law for the purpose of protecting the unborn life. Today, we realize that the church’s argumentation did not allow for a good dialogue. It’s time to create a new conversation climate. We want to contribute to that.”


In Norway, abortion on demand is legal up to 12 weeks, and abortions can be approved up to 18 weeks if a woman files an application (most of which are approved).

Live Action News. March 2.

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