Child Abuse Dressed up as Medical Science


Is it progress, I ask myself, that pre-teen children are told that they might be in the wrong body, contrary to what they and their loving parents have lived with since birth? What if they begin to believe that they should be in the opposite sex, or, even more alarming, in some “in-between gender”? Teachers in many British schools are encouraging children to question what for generations was second nature, opening the way to a period of psychological turmoil and family unhappiness, and maybe non-reversible medical interventions to bring about “transition”.

Authorities in medicine and education are assuring the public that the traditional practice of “imposing a gender” was not just an error but was deeply harmful to the mental development of many children. Now the “science of gender identity”, they assure us, has opened a new era of enlightenment, allowing children to “discover their true selves”.

And it doesn’t end there, not by a long shot. The question that children have to answer is not merely, am I in the wrong body? Should I be a girl or a boy, regardless of my body? That is the binary question, the either one or the other. But what if you believe that you are neither a boy nor a girl, a gender in the so-called spectrum of “non-binary genders”? Google tells us that some 100 genders have
been identified—with more to come.

Within a decade, it seems, our public institutions have embraced the creed of genderism, despite the zero support of medical science. For instance, the UK Office of National Statistics now defines sex as “something that is assigned at birth”, suggesting that it is an adult decision. It adds, “gender is increasingly understood as not binary but on a spectrum…” So, the new question to be asked will be
about one’s “lived gender” rather than one’s birth sex.

In some schools “authorities” are ordering that boys who identify as girls should be taught sex education with girls. Gender identity instead of bodily sex should decide if boys can use girls changing rooms and toilets, and compete in girls’ sports. The BBC Teach website has class material where the teacher tells children from seven to eleven that “now” there are over 100 “gender identities”.

Back in the days before pre-natal scans, parents had to wait until the baby emerged from the womb to discover if the genitals were male or female. In that backward culture, a child’s sex was an objective biological reality, given by nature like conception, pregnancy and birth. Parents didn’t choose a baby’s sex, still less impose or assign it; whether you hoped for a boy or a girl, the baby’s body settled the matter for life.

Yes, admittedly, when I was at school, teachers had a very narrow understanding of masculinity. Boys not attracted by sporting activity, or had no ability to play contact sports like rugby were often derided as “sissies”. An interest in art or music was not considered worthy of note, and dance didn’t exist. One thing for sure. No boys wore skirts or painted their nails.

Today, much has changed for the better, and there’s a wide variety of choices in study and sport, none of which lessens or confuses the reality of male and female. It really is the time to go back to basics, and nothing is more basic than “male and female He created them”, as the Book of Genesis reads. From conception, everyone has DNA which is male or female in every single cell of the body, and that reality cannot be changed by thinking, artificial hormones or surgery.

Gender Clinic Under Fire for Dangerous Treatments
Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, London, is the UK’s only gender identity centre for treating children suffering from “gender dysphoria”, and has also been used by Ireland’s health service for Irish children with this problem. It has become controversial at a time when the number of children referred has risen thirty fold in a ten-year period.

Keira Bell, 23, is suing the clinic over “rushed” gender reassignment, involving the genderchanging treatment she received at the clinic when she was in her mid-teens. She was treated with the drug Triptorelin to block her natural hormones—a drug not licensed for this condition—and then given cross-sex hormones to develop male characteristics as she “transitioned” to become male. She
was traumatised by the experiment, and tried to reverse the treatment. Happily, she never took the final step of surgical reconstruction of her body.

Now she is accusing the clinic of gaining her consent improperly, and questions how a young, disturbed teenager can give genuine consent for such a life-changing treatment. In her own words, “I was allowed to run with this idea that I had, almost like a fantasy, as a teenager.” Over the past three years some 35 of the centre’s medical staff have resigned in protest over what they called “overdiagnoses” of gender dysphoria in children, and the speed in which they are started on life-changing drugs.

Under current NHS rules, children are allowed to start gender transition treatment before puberty without their parents’ support. Children unhappy with their birth sex can begin treatment after as few as three therapeutic assessments. They can discuss treatments separately from their parents and are encouraged to self-define their status and to develop “autonomy” in decision-making. Interventions include hormone blockers to suppress puberty and, later, cross-sex hormone therapy. The average age at which children begin such treatments is 14, but some are as young as 12. Addendum: NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s health board has the answer for any patient who
complains about the new style women’s hospital wards: “A female patient who is distressed at the presence of a male-bodied trans identified person in the next bed should be told that the person is female and that her complaint is similar to a white woman complaining about a black patient being in the next bed.” Get it? You’re a nasty racist, so shut up!

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