British Judge Approves Sex-Change for Four-Year-Old


A British Judge has backed parents who wish their four-year-old son to live as a girl and sent him to school in a girl’s uniform. The judge made his ruling despite the fact that social workers said the parents were “actively encouraging” their child’s transgender identity. Mr Justice Williams said the couple were “attuned and careful” parents, devoted to their child’s welfare.


The ruling came after a gender specialist told the judge at the Royal Courts of Justice, in Westminster, that the child’s “gender related presentation was consistent with a diagnosis of gender dysphoria.” The child, known as ‘H” “clearly identified herself as a girl” and “appeared to be a content, alert and socially engaged little girl,” the court was told.


And the judge said H had suffered no harm since the “complete transition into a female” had occurred “at a very young age”. “The evidence does not support the contention that it was actively encouraged rather than appropriately supported,” he said.


The family’s unidentified local council had initially sought the “immediate removal” of H and other children from the couple’s home. Social workers said the couple were “resistant to acknowledging any potential disadvantage to H of being identified as transgender prematurely.”


The couple were accused of “failing to prioritise” H’s needs and jeopardising her emotional, physical and sexual development.


The council in the end withdrew the care proceedings in the light of glowing expert reports on the couple’s parenting skills. But the couple still felt there was “a cloud of suspicion hanging over them” and sought complete exoneration in a public judgment.


The judge concluded: “Issues relating to gender identity and the medical understanding of such issues is complex and developing.

“Inevitably there is some lag between those professionals at the cutting edge and others, in which I include myself, which might have played some role in how these proceedings came about.

“Beyond that I will not venture.”

The Daily Mail. May 10.

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