“And Then There Were None”


“UnPlanned” is the book containing the true-life account of a director of the Bryan abortion clinic in Texas. Even though Abby Johnson was pro-choice, and had worked in Planned Parenthood clinics for eight years, she had never taken an active part in an abortion until the day when she was called into the surgery because one of the nurses was absent. What she saw as the abortionist guided the ultrasound probe so horrified her that she vowed that day to leave her career for good. Since then, she founded a pro-life service, And Then There Were None, to win over workers in abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood, and are disgusted with being part of a programme of industrial killing of unborn children but cannot leave. That was in 2009. Now Abby’s story has been made into a film, based on the book and guided by her own recollection of events. The film was made secretly to avoid pro-abortion
protests and worse. It was released in the USA in March 2019, and was remarkably successful in spite of opposition from the usual suspects who described it as “anti-abortion propaganda”.

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